Play a Guardian Dungeons in Guild Wars 2

Here is a guide that will show you how to get your game in the dungeons of Guild Wars 2 as Guardian, whether for support, or roles approaching more DPS or Tank.

Play a guardian DPS Care

Weapons: Two-Handed Sword / Stick

By Guardian Care DPS, by which is meant that your guardian is capable of inflicting substantial damage and especially that you can provide care for your group. Build Care uses the DPS burns to inflict damage and uses the Aegis as a source of protection.

This build is very often played dungeons and relies on the use of shouting, some utilities CC (crowd control) and damage alteration to have good firepower. This keeping a defensive power to keep you alive.

Skills work together, use the Seal of Wrath immobilization in conjunction with the dangerous tangle which will have the effect of increasing the damage of two-handed sword.

The Aegis is made more powerful because it now gives protection and heals when it is removed. In addition, retaliation lasts 25 % longer with Grudge in the tree Proficiency Virtues.
Play a pure DPS Guardian

Weapons: Two-Handed Sword / Hammer

Here is another interesting dungeon build a build that is really offensive is suitable for dungeons. It will allow you to maximize your damage in a big score based on accuracy and damage burns. Failure of this build is the lack of vitality and so it is mandatory to be smart and know how to use its services.

The Seal of judgment should give you enough defense and combines with a little care for time to breathe. To make effective seals and to give a little oomph to your burns must put points in the skill branch Radiance.

We will also set the maximum number of points in the tree Zeal, which will effectively increase the damage of the sword with both hands and give a little life with the ability to last.

In summary, this building is simply a big offensive build that works particularly well in dungeons.

Play a supporting guardian tank

Weapons: Two-Handed Sword / Scepter + Focus

Yet another way to play the keeper dungeons, take the support function tank. Of course, we talk about making our stronger and more useful to his fellow guard.

To run this build uses the cries and allows the guardian to be the initiator combo.

The most important feature of this build is that every time you apply a bonus to your allies, it will heal you. This helps maintain a tanking approximately correct.

There are several calls that can be used to give to you and your allies Stability and bonuses. Moreover, taking the courage Tome elite. You'll transform into super healer who has good powers of crowd control.

In terms of features, we'll take whatever we can to increase the Bonus aspect of guard, taking some improvements damage to the sword with both hands. These features will also increase the power of screaming.

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