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GW2bay.com provides a variety of GW2 US, GW2 Gold EU services for online games. You can buy Guild Wars 2 Gold,Cheap GW2 EU here. GW2bay offers best service to our loyal and reliable customers. Also we have available stock of Guild Wars Gold and Guild Wars 2 gold on most of the servers.Purchase or sell GW2 Gold service from us will save you a lot as well! We supplies you the best service.

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NamePriceChar NameBuy
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60GUSD 7.60$
70GUSD 8.86$
80GUSD 10.13$
90GUSD 11.39$
100GUSD 12.66$
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200GUSD 25.32$
300GUSD 37.98$
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500GUSD 63.30$
600GUSD 75.96$
800GUSD 101.28$
1000GUSD 126.60$

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Gw2bay is a professional company which master in MMO games services like cheap game gold exchange.
As a professional online game services provider and supplies the outstanding customer service, Gw2bay advocates healthy, secure and responsible secondary market practices. We do not farm or use bots or macros of any kind to create or collect virtual assets. We have always strived to reach the lowest prices & give the best customer
Gw2bay.com provides a variety of Guild Wars 2 Gold US, GW2 Gold EU services for online games. You can get guild wars 2 gold,cheap gw2 gold for sale here.

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